Are your varicose veins causing you to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable?

Varicose veins occur when the great and/or small saphenous vein valves don’t work properly, and this allows blood flow to be reversed and to collect in veins in your legs.  The veins in turn get larger to accommodate the increased volume of blood, and this leads to unsightly varicose veins.  As Prosper’s only dedicated comprehensive vein care center, Vitality Vein Care is pleased to offer FDA approved VenaSeal™ to varicose vein patients.

How does VenaSeal™ treat Varicose veins?

VenaSeal™ is an FDA approved adhesive designed to close refluxing saphenous veins without tumescent anesthesia or oral sedatives. Minimally invasive, a small catheter is placed into the unhealthy vein using ultrasound guidance and the VenaSeal™ is applied. The adhesive then reacts with the vein wall to create a polymer that seals the vein closed, treating the entire length of the refluxing vein. As there is no blood to reflux and pool the bulging veins will go away over time.

Who is a good candidate?

If you have varicose veins and are experiencing symptoms such as heaviness, itching, burning, throbbing, aching, swelling, skin changes such as ulcers, you may be a good candidate for VenaSeal™ treatments.

A comprehensive consultation with a physician vein specialist at VVC is the best way to determine if VenaSeal™ is the right treatment for you.

What should I know about my VenaSeal™ treatment?

Once your comprehensive consultation determines that VenaSeal™ is the best option to treat your varicose veins, you are scheduled for your minimally invasive office-based procedure. Since VenaSeal™ avoids using thermal energy, local anesthetic is limited to the IV insertion site. Under ultrasound guidance, a tiny catheter is inserted into the diseased saphenous vein. After the adhesive is administered and the vein is sealed, blood is rerouted to healthy veins, improving circulation and symptoms.

What results will I see?

In clinical studies, there is a 97% efficacy rate with VenaSeal™. Smaller bulging veins may diminish in size with VenaSeal™ alone. At Vitality Vein Care, we often recommend combining VenaSeal™ with microphlebectomy for saphenous reflux and for large varicosities.

What is the recovery like?

VenaSeal™ is unique in that it does not require the use of compression hose. Depending on your health, you may need some downtime after being treated with VenaSeal™. However, many patients return to their normal activities following treatment.

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Our goal and mission at Vitality Vein Care is to improve the symptoms and appearance of your legs.  We want to make your legs look decades younger.  Our dedicated team of venous specialists will guide you through the entire process, from check in to your comprehensive evaluation, to a tailored plan to suit your goals and needs.  Call today to make an appointment to regain vitality in your legs.  It’s never about vanity, its all about vitality.


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