Are you ready to tackle your varicose veins?

Though endovenous ablation (RFA) is a great way to treat varicose veins, at times, another tool is needed. In 2017, Varithena™ became available to treat difficult saphenous vein reflux. At VVC, we are excited to offer Varithena™, the first FDA approved injectable foam treatment for varicose veins. With Varithena™, there is a safe solution to treat difficult forms of saphenous vein reflux.

How does Varithena™ work?

FDA has approved its use in the great saphenous vein (GSV) and surrounding veins.  Varithena is a non-surgical vein treatment that is a foam sclerosant which is injected into the diseased vein through a small catheter.  Using ultrasound guidance, one of the physician venous experts at Vitality Vein Care will channel Varithenathrough the vein until it ‘collapses.’  This redirects blood flow into healthier veins.

Am I a good candidate?

If you are ready to take care of your varicose veins one and for all, you may be a good candidate for Varithena treatment. A comprehensive evaluation will help determine if Varithena is ideal for you.

How does Varithena™ work?

Varithena™ is a non-surgical vein treatment that takes an about an hour or less depending on how many veins are being treated. Your physician vein expert will numb the insertion site with gentle local anesthetic. Using ultrasound guidance, Varithena™ foam is then inserted in the diseased vein through a small catheter until it collapses. This redirects blood flow into healthier veins.

What results can I expect?

As soon as pressure on your veins is gone, the bulging veins begin to go away. The varicose veins may fade over the subsequent weeks to months and symptoms go away as the vein heals. Occasionally, patients report short lived tenderness at the injection site.

Is there downtime?

Sticking to post treatment care guidelines is vital to the healing process. You should avoid heavy exertion, but you can resume light activities the same day. A light bandage will be placed at the injection site and this area will need to be kept dry for 36-48 hours.

Compression stockings must be worn for 14 days minimum to prevent blood flow through the treated vein. Walking ten minutes or more each day is ideal for the first month following treatment. Follow up appointments are essential to monitor the healing process.


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