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Embarrassed by unsightly bulging varicose veins or are you discouraged with how your legs feel?

Bulging varicose veins are the most common visible sign of vein issues. Other signs that can be seen include leg swelling, skin discoloration, and venous ulcers.
Varicose veins happen when check valves in your veins don’t work as they were designed to. As the valves become inefficient, backflow (reflux) of blood occurs and it pools or collects in the superficial veins in your legs. Over time, reflux leads to bulging varicose veins and symptoms that include heaviness, aching, throbbing, stinging, itching, throbbing, night cramps and restless legs. At Vitality Vein Care we offer hope that you can overcome these problems and get your life back, often reversing your legs decades. Our team is here to guide you through the entire process.

How does ambulatory phlebectomy work?

If you have both reflux and bulging varicose veins in one of the saphenous veins, we will likely pair endovenous ablation with ambulatory phlebectomy.

Microambulatory phlebectomy is the minimally invasive treatment of choice for aching, burning, itching and bulging varicose veins. By combining endovenous ablation (when indicated) with phlebectomy, you enjoy correction of the saphenous reflux and immediate removal of the unsightly varicose vein in one treatment. In some cases, the bulging varicose veins may additionally be treated with ultrasound guided sclerotherapy (Varithena™). Studies have shown that treating varicose veins reduces your risk of blood clots and improves your results.

At VVC, you will walk in and walk out after your ambulatory phlebectomy. The procedure is performed in our comprehensive vein center in Prosper with gentle local anesthetic. The effects of local anesthetic last four to six hours, which will provide you excellent pain management following your procedure.

Ambulatory phlebectomy uses microincisions (2-3mm) to gently remove the diseased veins with delicate, precision instruments. Because the incisions are so small, they rarely require stitches and even the largest varicose veins are easily removed through the small skin openings. This procedure provides immediate visual relief from your bulging, painful varicose veins.

Who is a good candidate?

If you are disheartened over your varicose vein symptoms of cramping, restless leg, burning, swelling, aching, or heaviness, you may be a candidate for ambulatory phlebectomy. Simply make a phone call to Vitality Vein Care and let us make a comprehensive plan to get your legs feeling decades younger.

What is ambulatory phlebectomy treatment like?

The minimally invasive, office-based procedure begins with identification and marking of the diseased veins followed by the gentle instillation of tumescent local anesthetic. The diseased veins are gently removed through small (2-3mm) microincisions. Once complete, your legs are wrapped.


The outcome of ambulatory phlebectomy is visible as soon as the procedure is complete. Full healing may take several days to a few weeks, but your bulging veins are gone! Vein related symptoms experienced prior to the procedure will go away as you heal.

How much downtime can I expect?

For most patients, there is little to no downtime. Often, bruising and swelling may last several days and compression stockings are recommended for faster healing. Most patients return to work in a day or two and gentle exercise such as walking around the neighborhood is encouraged.

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At Vitality Vein Care, we are here to address any vein concerns that you have.  Our team of venous experts will listen to your concerns and create a treatment plan customized to your needs and desires once a comprehensive and thorough evaluation of your legs is complete.  At Vitality Vein Care, veins aren’t something that we do, it’s all we do. 


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